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What is there to do in Glasgow


1) Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

As well as being the most visited museum outside of London, the Kelvengrove gallery and museum is also completely free to enter, making it by far our favourite place to visit in Glasgow. As well as all of the amazing collections of medieval and victorian arms and armour, and the beautiful art of display in the gallery, Kelvingrove also has an incredible park right beside it, which is one of the most beautiful green spots in the city.

The building itself is breathtaking, inspired by the Spanish Baroque style, just like its nearby neighbor the Kelvin Hall, which is similarly beautiful.

With over 9,000 interesting and historically significant objects on display, the Kelvingrove museum is a must-see for anyone passing through Glasgow.


2) Buchanan Street


Without doubt the most famous shopping district in Glasgow, Buchanan street is celebrated not only for its amazing range of shops and fashion boutiques, but for its quaint and quintessentially Scottish architecture and character.


Buchanan is so well known for its excellent shopping that it is the second busiest shopping street in the UK after London's Oxford Street and the most expensive street in Scotland to rent a shop on! Talk about exclusive!


With loads of bars and restaurants nearby to rest your weary feet, Buchanan Street is the perfect place for any shopaholics to shop away an entire day, with so much to see and buy.


3) Glengoyne Distillery


Scotland is renowned around the world for its Scotch whisky, which makes our country a magnet for booze lovers the world over. The Glengoyne Distillery is a must-visit for any whisky lover coming to Glasgow, so that they can experience first handed how single malt whiskies are made.


In continuous operation since 1833, The Glengoyne Distillery is one of the most well-known and respected distilleries in the world, and their guided tour gives visitors an insight into every individual aspect of whisky production.


As well as being a truly interesting experience for whisky drinkers, it is also described as the world's most beautiful distillery thanks to its unique character and wonderful architecture, which means even if you don't care about whisky, the tour is a fascinating look into old Scottish culture and life.

Best Nights Out in Glasgow

Gin 71
Where? 71 Renfield Street
When? 18:00 onwards
Price: Reasonable cocktails on offer for £5

During the day, this converted Victorian bar is a quaint, unassuming cake shop and tea house, but come 6pm the decor is changed and it becomes Gin 71. Named for the 71 unique varieties of gin they have at the bar, it is quite unlike anything else in our fair city.

The building itself is amazing, with all of the architectural trappings of its Victorian heritage and sumptuously decorated ceilings and walls, which match the indulgent cocktails and luxury gins on tap.

The sheer variety of gin on offer is mind blowing, from dry London classics to boutique Scottish brews and truly unusual offerings such as spiced and fruit gins. To match the choice of booze is a similarly exhaustive list of mixing options such as home-brewed tonics and your own soda pump!

The atmosphere is similarly lovely, with the usual crowd being just the right mix of relaxed and rowdy to ensure a fantastic evening!

Where 1387 Argyle Street
Price: More expensive than your average pub, but better too

If gin is a little too "drunken aunt at a wedding" for you, then BrewDog should be the next choice for beer lovers. Owned by the same guys behind the now-famous Punk IPA beer, BrewDog is a punkish hipster's celebration of good beer.

With everything on tap from stouts and porters to crisp lagers and refreshing pale ales, there is a beer here to suit every taste and palette. Most of the beers here are brewed by the BrewDog brewery, which make them totally unique and a great place to treat the beer lovers amongst you!

My favourite thing about BrewDog is that, despite craft beer being the "in thing" right now, the crowd here is very mixed, with everyone from the expected beard clad hipsters to middle aged beer lovers and everyone in between in attendance.

The Pot Still

How could a night-out in Scotland be complete without a trip to a whisky bar to sample one of our country's greatest exports?

There is, hands-down, no place better to sample our favorite fire water than The Pot Still. Conviniently located just a drunken stumble away from Thurible Apartments, this is our favourite drinking spot in Glasgow!
With 100s of whiskies behind the bar and some extremely helpful and knowledgeable bar staff, you stagger out of this bar a bona-fide whisky expert!

Good whiskies can be intimidatingly expensive, but The Pot Still has a quality whisky to suit every pocket. The bar itself has been there since the Victorian era, which lends it a real gravitas and an incredible atmosphere. Even if whisky isn't your thing, The Pot Still also has an ever changing carosel of weird and wonderful Scottish real ales, to keep the beer drinkers amongst you happy too!

Bustling and full of energy and banter on a weekend, The Pot Still is a true Glaswegian institution and well worth a visit for any and all boozer lovers out there!

Best Places to Visit in Scotland

Tourism is a huge industry in Scotland, with over 32 million people coming to enjoy what our beautiful country offers. That number has been steadily growing over the last couple of years, and with such a wealth of incredible things to see and experience, that comes as no surprise to us here at Thurible Apartments.


We could write for days about all the sights in Scotland, but to save your time (and ours!) we'll narrow it down to our top things to do in Scotland.

Visit Edinburgh Castle

As iconic in Scotland as William Wallace himself, the Edinburgh castle has towered over the city for centuries.
Set ontop of an extinct volcano, the beautiful and majestic castle is home to an unbelievable number of ghosts, a dramatic and exciting history, and a genuinely interesting architectural legacy.

 2. Highland Folk Museum, Newtonmore
Perhaps not as majestic or breathtaking as Edinburgh castle, but the Highland Folk Museum is an unparalleled look into how our Scottish ancestors existed. It is an incredibly immersive experience, as you see an accurate representation of how our forebears survived in the inhospitable Scottish highlands. A must-see for any history buffs and it's free too!

 3. Glen Torridon, Wester Ross
 Scotland is truly, breath-takingly beautiful and, in my humble opinion, no where is as exemplary of this as Glen Torridon. For me, nowhere quite captures the savage, slightly creepy and thoroughly Scottish beauty of the countryside quite like Glen Torridon. My top tip for any enthusiastic ramblers!
 4. Rosslyn Chapel, Edinburgh
 Made famous by Dan Brown and the Da Vinci Code, this quaint and sleepy little religious site has a lot more to offer than just a place to tick off the list for book fans! A beautiful church that has enough interesting history in reality to be worth a visit with or without that novel!
 5. Arthur's Seat
 The best view in Scotland? Perhaps after Glen Torridon! A fantastic walk and hike leads to Arthur's seat, where you can get an awesome view of the whole medieval city of Edinburgh and the surrounding Scottish countryside. If you can bare dodging the throngs of likeminded tourists during the summer, it just isn't a Scottish holiday without a visit!